• About Us

    The iA Institute is a provider of specialized information to the complex debt industry. Our efforts inform, teach, and bring a variety of stakeholders to the table to address industry challenges and build a culture of compliance. The iA Institute includes insideARM, the iA Research Assistant, and the Consumer Relations Consortium.

  • Steering Committee

    Amy Perkins, Committee Chair, insideARM

    Lynda Zitka, Co-Chair, Industry Expert and Advisor


    Michael Cassidy, Prosper Marketplace

    Maria Holm, Synchrony Financial

    Joann Needleman, Clark Hill PLC

    Christopher Repholz, MRS BPO

    Yvonne Torrijos, Empereon-Constar

    Tamara Simone, AT&T

    Aaron Steinberg, insideARM

    Lori Vanderpool, T-Mobile